Dear exlvr,

When the tulips bloomed in the spring I thot of u. You said we weren't a match but I still thot about u and the tulips. The tulips are the national flower of where u are from. And I thot about the tulips blooming in the mountains as I was taking pictures of them in the small beds near my apt in brooklyn. Tulips are perenials they bloom every year in the wild. Sometimes the flower will bloom a different color than the last cycle. There is this song by a french singer. It is hard to die in the spring, you know.

The other day I joked with a friend that spring is baby season. Even in the middle of a pandemic and quarantine, I've been seeing new flowers by the edge of the park since March. My friend sent a photo of baby robins underneath their partner's parent's house. They looked naked and silly. They looked surprised by the width of their own hunger. It's hard to think about loss in the spring, it's hard to accept that there are people I may not see again even though they're only a few miles away. Do you ever think about all the people you've ever loved? Do you love them still?

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It's hard to think about loss in the spring

Jalāl ad-Dīn Muhammad Rūmī says
lovers don't finally meet somewhere. they're in each other all along.